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Shedding Dogs


For most dog owners it’s the first sign of spring, even before you that first robin makes an appearance: hair. Everywhere. On the carpet, on your clothes, in your mouth and on your food. We brush every day only to find more loose hair the next.

Take heart, it’s only temporary. This seasonal shedding process is brought about by the increasing day length and it’s a normal process for our dogs. Virtually nothing can be done to halt it. Usually it occurs twice a year, although some dogs seem to delay shedding until summer, and others seem to shed more in spring than fall or vice versa. Non-seasonal shedding, on the other hand, may be a signal that something is wrong with your dog’s health. Excessive shedding at odd times of the year, baldness or itching can be signs of allergy, parasites or a deficiency in your dog’s diet. Call your veterinarian if you suspect a problem with your dog’s skin.

A consistent grooming regimen and a balanced diet are your most effective weapons for combating the shedding woes, be they seasonal or unseasonal. Brushing removes dead hair and skin and stimulates the skin. While you’re brushing, you may also check over your dog’s skin for any sores, lumps or rashes.

Feed a high quality diet, and add a fatty acid supplement to it if your pet has dry or flaky skin. A healthy, thick haircoat is a good indicator of good health – even if it does mean we put up with a lot of loose hair from time to time!