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Adaptil Collars

Adaptil collars

The Adaptil Collar releases a calming pheromone, analogous to a pheromone mother dogs produce when nursing puppies, called appeasing pheromone. It is a relaxing and comforting smell to all dogs, especially puppies. The collar is activated by body heat to provide a continuous calming effect. The appeasing pheromone is released almost immediately once the collar is put on. It will not work when it is wet -but diffuses again as soon as it’s dry.

The Adaptil Collar is ideal for:

Any situation causing stress, including adoption, puppy socialization, training, traveling, crating/kenneling/boarding, or fear of loud noises (thunderstorms or fireworks), especially for dogs living mostly outdoors.

Each collar lasts up to 4 weeks.  For best results in all dogs, keep the collar on continuously. It needs to be in close contact with the dog’s skin to work, so it should be fitted fairly tightly. Care should be taken that your dog’s regular collar doesn’t keep the Adaptil collar from contacting the neck. Do not attach a leash to the Adaptil Collar. Do not use the collar on dogs with skin lesions in the neck area.

Note regarding puppies: As a puppy grows, it’s important to regularly adjust the fit of the collar to make sure it’s not too tight. For best results in puppies, place the collar as soon as you get the puppy and replace the collar monthly for the following four months.

Two sizes of adjustable collars are available: Puppy/Small (fits neck up to 37.5cm) Medium/Large (fits neck up to 62.5cm