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Puppy Learning and Socialization

Puppy learning and socialization

The first months are the most important months in your new puppy’s life. During this time your puppy is growing at a phenomenal rate- both mentally and physically. The experiences he has now will shape his outlook and his personality for the rest of his life.

The period between 8 and 12 weeks of age is called the socialization period. Your puppy learns during this time how to relate to people and to other animals. Good experiences with people and other dogs will help foster a lifetime of positive interactions, and minimize the risks of problems with fighting, biting and other problem behaviors.

Take your puppy with you to busy places and introduce him to lots of strangers, children and other pets. (Make sure you know that any other dogs your puppy interacts with are current on their vaccinations!) Give him lots of praise and petting when he is friendly and interested. Frequent short trips in the car will accustom your pup to traveling. You can also bring him in to the veterinary office on a weekly basis for treats and attention and he will be happier to visit there for the rest of his life!

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