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Separation Anxiety


For the treatment of separation anxiety in dogs.

We will be working along with you in a combined effort to treat separation anxiety in your pet. The treatment will consist of both medication (clomipramine) and behavioral training at home. Medication alone will not be the solution!


Initial Exam and Consultation:

  • Physical examination
  • Blood testing for underlying factors such as hypothyroidism, and to make sure anti-anxiety medication will be safe for your pet
  • Evaluation of dog behavior
  • Dispensing of medication
  • Discussion of behavioral training
  • Learning materials to take home

Week 1: Phone Call from Doctor

  • Any questions
  • Discuss changes since exam

Week 4: Progress Exam and Consultation

  • Physical examination to ensure no side effects are occurring
  • Progress chart evaluation with the doctor
  • Discuss problems, adjustments, or setbacks in the treatment plan

Week 8: Phone Call from Technician

  • Any questions
  • Discuss changes

Week 12: Progress Exam and Consultation

  • Physical examination
  • Progress chart evaluation
  • Discuss tapering off of medication if dog is doing well
  • Any questions

Week 16: Phone Call from Technician

  • Should be off medication if all goes well
  • Discuss any regression or recurrence of problems

Week 20: Phone Call from Technician

  • Discuss any changes in behavior
  • Any questions

**Feel free at any time during treatment to give us a call with any questions or concerns.
Your pet’s doctor is ……
The technician is …..

**We recommend obedience school for any dog, but feel it is especially important for those with separation anxiety. The increase in physical exercise and mental work gives your dog something else to focus on. Ask us if you need recommendations for obedience facilities.

**If any aggression surfaces during the course of this medication, please call our clinic promptly.