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Veterinary Services


Best Friends Veterinary Center in Grafton, WI, stands out as a beacon of care and compassion for our four-legged companions

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At the heart of our veterinary clinic is a commitment to providing comprehensive services, and one area where we truly excel is in Canine Rehabilitation.

Canine Rehabilitation at Best Friends Veterinary Center goes beyond conventional veterinary care. We understand that dogs, like humans, may face various health challenges that can benefit from rehabilitation services. Whether your furry friend is recovering from surgery, managing a chronic condition, or simply needs to improve their mobility and strength, our Canine Rehabilitation program is tailored to meet their unique needs.

Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals includes skilled veterinarians and certified rehabilitation therapists who work collaboratively to design personalized rehabilitation plans for each canine patient. We believe in a holistic approach to rehabilitation that encompasses a range of therapeutic modalities to address physical, functional, and emotional aspects of your pet’s well-being.

One cornerstone of our Canine Rehabilitation services is physical therapy. Through targeted exercises and activities, we aim to enhance your dog’s strength, flexibility, and coordination. This is particularly beneficial for older dogs, those recovering from orthopedic surgeries, or those with musculoskeletal conditions. Under the careful guidance of our rehabilitation therapists, your pet will engage in exercises that promote healing and improve their overall quality of life.

Hydrotherapy is another vital component of our Canine Rehabilitation program. Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art hydrotherapy facilities, including underwater treadmills. This low-impact exercise in a buoyant environment allows dogs to build muscle strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, and enhance their range of motion. Hydrotherapy is especially beneficial for dogs with arthritis, obesity, or those recovering from surgery.

Canine Rehabilitation Laser Therapy

Begin as soon as possible after injury or surgery. Ice packing and therapy laser treatments can start immediately, and range of motion exercises or massage shortly thereafter.

A typical rehabilitation treatment plan may include medication, therapy laser treatments, therapeutic exercise, massage, heat application, and range of motion stretching. We might also refer you for chiropractic treatment or acupuncture. Treatments may be done at the animal clinic, or by the owner at home.
For example, a dog that is partially paralyzed after back surgery may receive therapy laser treatment before he even wakes up from anesthesia, to decrease post-operative pain and swelling. He may be exercised on an underwater treadmill twice a day to regain use of his hind legs, beginning just a few days later. Massage and range of motion exercises help keep the joints flexible. E-stim might be used to maintain muscle strength while the dog cannot use the limbs himself.

A dog with arthritis might also need special exercises. When a joint hurts the dog tries not to use the leg. Reduced exercise and activity lead to muscle atrophy. The weaker the muscles, the less they can assist the bones and joints and the more the stress on the joints increases. This leads to a vicious cycle of deterioration. Exercise improves circulation to the joints, strengthens the muscles again, and improves range of motion, restoring function and reducing pain.

Reasons for canine rehabilitation:

  • Best Friends Veterinary Center in Grafton, WI, takes pride in creating individualized rehabilitation plans for each canine patient.
  • Our experienced veterinarians and certified rehabilitation therapists collaborate to design programs tailored to address the specific needs of your furry friend.
  • Our Canine Rehabilitation program adopts a holistic approach, addressing physical, functional, and emotional aspects of your pet’s well-being.
  • We offer targeted exercises and activities to enhance your dog’s strength, flexibility, and coordination. This is particularly beneficial for older dogs, post-surgery recovery, and those with musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Our rehabilitation therapists guide and monitor these exercises to promote healing and improve overall quality of life.

In addition to physical therapy and hydrotherapy, we offer a range of modalities such as massage, laser therapy, and electrical stimulation as part of our comprehensive rehabilitation services. These therapeutic interventions play a crucial role in managing pain, reducing inflammation, and promoting tissue healing. At Best Friends Veterinary Center, we prioritize open communication and collaboration with pet owners. We ensure that you are well informed about your dog’s rehabilitation plan and progress. We encourage active involvement in your pet’s care and provide guidance on exercises and activities that can be continued at home.
Our commitment to excellence in Canine Rehabilitation is a testament to our dedication to the overall well-being of your furry family member. Best Friends Veterinary Center in Grafton, WI, is not just a clinic; it’s a place where pets receive the highest level of care, and their owners find trusted partners in their journey towards better health and happiness.