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Rectal Valium Therapy

Rectal Valium Therapy

Valium is a quick-acting anticonvulsant that is as effective when given rectally as it is when given intravenously. Valium is the medication that doctors give to patients for seizures when they come to emergency rooms. Valium has recently been used very successfully to control seizures at home. When given rectally, it will be absorbed into the bloodstream and will decrease the chance that a second seizure will occur.

If your dog has severe seizures, or the tendency to have more than one seizure in a row, rectal valium may be prescribed for your pet. If you have ever taken a child’s temperature rectally, you can administer rectal valium. When you receive the medication from Hill’s compounding pharmacy, you will receive a small tube called a cannula, which you can use to put the valium in the rectum.

When your pet has a seizure, draw the prescribed amount into a syringe, put the cannula over the top of a syringe, and squirt the small amount into the rectum. If a second or third seizure occurs, the valium dose can be repeated two more times, but you should call to check in with us or the Animal Emergency Center.

Dogs that are on Phenobarbital are harder to dose with rectal valium and may require a higher dose. Do not be alarmed if the first time you use your rectal valium you do not see the desired effect. Just call us to discuss this and we can adjust the dose. You may call the Animal Emergency Center as well if there is a question.

The use of rectal valium has been shown to reduce emergency room visits by 85% in dogs. Be patient while we determine the proper dose for your pet, as it will be a great tool in the long-term care of your pet’s epilepsy.