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Weight Control & Exercise for Dogs


Over half the dogs we see every year are overweight, many extremely so. Being overweight has some serious consequences for dogs, just as it does for people. In fact, the average lifespan of an obese pet is years shorter than that of pets who stay slim and trim.

Weight-related diseases include arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, bladder problems, and many types of cancer.

Most of our house pets are not very active. Not only are many of them overweight but they also don’t get enough exercise. This is bad for their health and contributes to behavior problems – a dog that is bored and inactive is more likely to be destructive or aggressive.

So what should you do to prevent these problems?
Some dogs are better at burning calories than others, but for most dogs, the recommended feeding amounts on dog food bags are way too generous. If you are feeding a good quality food your dog can eat much less than the label says and still get all the nutrients necessary for good health. Feed only what your pet needs to maintain a healthy weight.