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Home Health Checklist

Home Health Checklist

Please use this checklist on a regular basis. You can discover many problems before they become serious and cause undue pain and expense.

My Pet:

  • is acting normal – active and in good spirits.
  • has a normal appetite with no chewing or swallowing difficulty.
  • breathes normally, without straining or coughing.
  • urinates in the usual amounts and frequency.
  • has normal-appearing bowel movements.
  • walks without stiffness, pain, or difficulty.
  • has healthy-looking feet and short nails.
  • has a full, glossy coat in good condition.
  • has skin that is free from dry flakes and not greasy.
  • is free from fleas, ticks, lice or mites.
  • has eyes that are bright, clear and free of matter.
  • has ears that are clean and free of debris and odor.
  • has a moist nose, free from discharge.
  • has clean, white teeth free of plaque and calculus.
  • has gums that are pink with no redness and non-offensive breath odor.
  • has a body that is free from lumps/bumps as I run my hand over its entire body.
cartoon of two cats