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Assisi Loop Therapy

Assisi Loop Therapy

The Assis Loop™ is a device we use to deliver pulsed electromagnetic wave therapy to areas of the body where there is pain or inflammation. The device sets up a microcurrent, a trickle of electromagnetic energy that stimulates cells to help speed healing. It has no side effects because it’s not a pharmaceutical, and it’s non-invasive. It is used for:

  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Degenerative disorders
  • Neurological problems
  • Post-surgical pain and swelling
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Wound care
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For short term use, we rent Assisi Loops out. For chronic conditions, such as arthritis, it makes more sense for you to purchase a unit. For pets who don’t like to hold still or who have multiple joints or areas we need to treat, there is also a mat that can go under the pet’s bed. They are super-simple to use – you just push the button and the field turns on for fifteen minutes before shutting itself back off. There are jackets with Velcro loops that can be used to hold the loop where you want it, so your pet can move around without needing it repositioned.

The only real drawback of Assisi Loops is how frequently you have to use them at first. Ideally, you would initially treat your pet 3-4 times a day, before backing down to 1-2 times daily long term. If you work, which most of us do, it’s hard to find the time to use it that often. If you are treating multiple joints at 10 minutes each, this can quickly add up to several hours a day. Sometimes it makes more sense to come in twice a week for therapy laser treatments instead, which provide similar benefits.

Assisi Loops can be used along with the therapy laser and any medication your pet may already be taking for pain or inflammation. For more information, visit

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