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The Gentle Leader Headcollar

What is it?

The Gentle Leader is a training collar which, when properly fitted, gives an owner complete control of the dog=s head and therefore the body. It is NOT a muzzle. The Gentle Leader is a head collar which works like a horse halter, moving the point of leverage from the neck of the dog to the head. When you think about it, it=s only logical to control an animal by controlling the entire head. (Have you ever seen a choke collar on a horse??) Control the head with a halter and the rest of the body falls into line.

How does it work?

The Gentle Leader consists of two soft nylon straps–the collar portion which fits high and snug at the top of the neck just behind the ears, and the nose loop which fits loosely and comfortably across the base of the muzzle. Each strap has a distinct and important

Nose loop:

One of the ways the Apack leader@ will demonstrate his position is by gently but firmly grasping a subordinate=s muzzle in his mouth. This is a clear signal regarding who’s the boss! The nose loop encircles your dog=s muzzle in this same manner, letting him know in
his own language that you are his leader.

Neck strap:

Ever notice how puppies seem to melt in relaxation when their mother picks them up at the back of the neck? The neck strap applies pressure to the back of the neck working with your dog=s natural relaxation instinct with an amazing calming effect. Also, dogs have a
natural Aopposition reflex@–if you push/pull against them, they push/pull back. You will have noticed this effect if you have ever tried moving a 70 pound dog off the sofa! Any collar, including chokes and prongs, that puts pressure at the front of the throat actually works against you by increasing the dog=s instinct to pull forward. Since the Gentle Leader applies gentle pressure at the back of the neck, your dog instinctively pulls back, not forward. This means an end to leash-pulling forever.

A question of humanity?

While wearing a properly fit Gentle Leader, your dog will be able to open his mouth, pant, eat and drink comfortably. ANo pain is your dog=s gain.@ Most people have not been aware of this positive, no-pain option for controlling their dog. When faced with
problem behaviors or lack of control, many resort to traditional choke chains and prong collars. These products work through various degrees of pain. Dogs learn to ignore the effects of these collars as they become desensitized to the pain, therefore the very behavior these collars are supposed to prevent (pulling of lead, failing to sit, etc.) can become worse. Many who have been dragged down the street know that a choke chain doesn=t prevent pulling–it just means that your dog hacks and gags and his eyes bug out while he continues to pull you along!

This constant pressure at the throat has been shown to occasionally cause injury to the trachea, larynx and esophagus as well as causing cervical spine injuries. Sometimes these collars can actually make things worse– while a prong collar may reduce pulling (the dog will pull only as hard as his pain tolerance allows), any dog who is feeling anxious, fearful or aggressive will only have those feelings increased with pain from the prongs.

When the Gentle Leader works with your dog’s instincts to tell him that you are Aleader of the pack,@ his whole way of relating to you and other family members changes. The Gentle Lead r also has a wonderful calming effect on nervous, fearful or overactive dogs. This training head collar gives you >finger-tip= control when out on walks without choking pain or pinching pressure.

When to use the Gentle Leader?

The Gentle Leader is perfect for puppies, adult and senior dogs. It is especially useful for those dogs that are no longer fun to walk due to their excessive pulling and lunging. The Gentle Leader aids in teaching sit, stay, down, come and many other
good manners. The Gentle Leader also manages common behavior problems such as jumping, barking, begging, and chewing. It is a perfect
training collar for dogs with excessive activity, fearful or shy dogs, and dogs with some aggression problems.

Where can you find the Gentle Leader Headcollar?

Gentle Leader Headcollars are only sold through veterinarians and professional dog training facilities as it is important to ensure a proper fit before use.